About us

Mark estcourt, wearing his grandfather's poppy

We help families and entrepreneurs with a net worth between £5m - £100m lay down the roots of prosperity, through our intergenerational and aspirational approach.

Originally established in Mayfair, Cavendish Family Office is now available when and where our clients need us.

We work with families in the UK, Europe, USA, MENA and Asia.

We assist in all aspects of wealth, including tax & structuring, accounting, legal, investment management, real estate and alternative assets (art, cars and other collectibles).

We achieve this by collaborating with a wide network of exceptional strategic partners.  

Our clients have often been left frustrated by traditional banks, and wealth managers whose time-consuming on-boarding procedures often overlook the subtleties of complex issues.

If you need help navigating the frustrating financial world, we're here.

Mark estcourt, wearing his grandfather's poppy

Our history

Nigel Thomas Cavendish Ambrose

A decorated WWII soldier who fought in the Gunners, “Boots” was the inspiration behind the family office. An immaculately dressed gentleman, he embodied the best of a bygone era, inspiring a sense of pride in those around him.

Company Founding

In 2017, Boots's grandson Mark Estcourt set up Cavendish Family Office after leaving his role as an executive director of London & Capital. There, he headed up the immigration investment and wealth planning division. He had also previously founded the IFA Cavendish Young.

A Change of Approach

In 2018, the business restructured, officially becoming Cavendish Family Office (London) and solidified its services by focusing on five distinct audiences: the already wealthy, those inheriting, those approaching a liquidity event, those going through a divorce and those simply looking for investment advice.


In 2022, after going fully virtual, the company rebranded and expanded its board to include Mark’s wife Tracy, thereby embodying Cavendish's family-first approach.

Words to live by

Our values


You're hiring us. That means no conflicts of interest. We don't have a product to sell or a particular fund to suggest.

We do this work because we believe that each and every family deserves a tailor-made approach to how they manage their wealth.


If you're frustrated by excessive bureaucracy and overly complicated procedures, we understand and we're here to help.

We have particular expertise helping clients with complex needs or those from geographic jurisdictions that require higher levels of oversight.


Relying on us to preserve and grow your capital is a big step. We know that. That's why our most successful working relationships occur when there is trust on both sides.

We operate as the manager of managers, helping you understand exactly what you need to know, while taking care of everything else.


We recognise that families define themselves by their values and we are especially keen on ensuring that the next generation—the family's very own future leaders—can maintain those values in kind.

We strive to protect the legacy your family embodies. We also help to future-proof it by providing advice on environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns as well as helping you adapt quickly to new innovations.

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