We work with families and individuals who are inheriting or passing on significant wealth, and looking for advisers to help them navigate that transition in a discrete and thoughtful manner.

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Long-term Vision

We can help untangle vested interests, and create a formal roadmap and framework so that the family never loses sight of its values and goals.

A hallmark of future leaders is their social conscience. Discussions around mission-related investing, philanthropy and making an impact can help generate interest and engagement amongst younger family members.

Most future leaders have similar values to their parents, even if these are couched in different priorities and language. A key to engagement is to find out what’s important to the family as a whole—how they view their wealth and its purpose.


Managing your inheritance is onerous and unlikely to be your specialty and not something to be done without bespoke and thoughtful advice.

The risk of information overload is considerable. By embracing a family office model and outsourcing many of the managerial tasks—you can regain some of your flexibility and focus on the most important and personal aspects of your legacy.


Inheritance is an incredibly sensitive matter. That is why we always preserve strict confidentiality on all levels. We are used to working with families and individuals for whom privacy is paramount.

We will always be on the lookout for ways that you can further protect your interests and information.


There’s a direct correlation between how educated and empowered, a future leader will be. Her comfort with the Family Office advisors and wealth plans depend on it.  

Our approach to financial education ensures that older generations are comfortable and younger ones engaged. Gatherings that include all members of the family are particularly productive.


Many future leaders have a desire and ambition to create new wealth themselves, just like their forebears.

They rightly believe that the family needs to keep innovating instead of simply relying on the wealth generated by their parents and grandparents.

We encourage that entrepreneurial spirit and lean on our wide network of expert strategic partners to help future leaders achieve their goals.

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Case Studies

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From History to Legacy

A daughter in her late twenties, from the fourth generation of wealth.

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Featured Case Study

Settling a Future Leader

Son in his mid-twenties, from the second generation of wealth.

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Featured Case Study

Learning about Responsibility

Father in the second generation of wealth, wanting to involve his children in the family office, but not sure what his children really want.

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