We offer clients who are solely looking for help with managing their investments, a Private Investment Office.  We help you find the right investment team and then manage the manager, often at a cost equal to, or lower, than your existing arrangements.

We have found that this service is particularly useful for Trustees and High Earners who might not need the full Family Office infrastructure.

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Macro Economic Reporting



You have a fiduciary duty to oversee your client’s investment portfolios and outsource their management to an array of investment managers. We are here to help you manage the managers.

Unfortunately, financial markets and services are deliberately complicated. Without knowing what questions to ask, or what metrics to lean on, it's hard to be sure you're making the right choices.

We're here to remove that doubt and work towards ensuring the best returns for your client.

High Earners

If you have £1 million or more to invest, we can help you find the right manager.

Our decades of experience and extensive network mean that we can pair you with the perfect financial partner for your goals. We can source different candidates and advise you on what to look for.

We will oversee their work and make sure that you never feel left in the dark about your own investments.


We charge fees similar to most investment managers but due to our specific, 'managing the managers' setup, can offer twice the oversight.

We offer you the peace of mind by knowing that your investments are in careful and capable hands.

You can focus on what you do best, while we look after your money.

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Case Studies

Featured Case Study

A fresh start

An American divorcee seeking relocation to the UK following a particularly acrimonious separation.

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Featured Case Study

Managing the manager

A Trustee in Switzerland.

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Featured Case Study

Investment without the inclination

A former lawyer looking for portfolio management help.

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