We help families and entrepreneurs from across the world with a net worth between £5m - £100m.

We offer a multi-generational approach to wealth management and administration by creating a bespoke Family Office, tailored to our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

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The details are getting in the way of the goals. The immediate finances are obvious but you no longer have a clear sight of the horizon. This might be because different family members or advisors are in disagreement.

We can help untangle vested interests, and create a formal roadmap and framework so that the family never loses sight of where it is heading.


It is hard for a family to articulate its long-term goals. Different generations can have different intentions and aspirations. This is especially true following a liquidity event or anticipated transfer of family wealth.

We work to bring those disparate aims together under a unified vision. The family office model provides this cohesion, when it comes to any number of critical issues, including business exit planning and value acceleration considerations.


These are all critical and sensitive considerations. That is why we always preserve strict confidentiality on all levels. We are used to working with families and individuals for whom privacy is paramount.

We will always be on the lookout for ways that you can further protect your interests and information.

Fresh Perspectives

Families are close-knit groups. Sadly, this also increases the possibility of “group think” and an insular approach to high-stakes decision making. By offering our insight, we make sure that you are speaking to the right experts at the right time.

When you solicit the best possible advice you will significantly mitigate the risk of serious error. Similarly, regular exposure to new ideas—and lending an ear to those in your family who might speak up less often—will ensure that you remain flexible and open to innovation and opportunity.

Allowing focus

Managing the financial legacy of an entire family is onerous and unlikely to be your specialty. Keeping on top of and coordinating all the different investment managers, tax information and estate planning is not something that you should have to do. What’s more, it is confusing and often overwhelming.

This information overload is a real problem. By embracing a family office model and out sourcing the managerial tasks—you can regain some of your flexibility and return to doing what you do best.

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